Visual Art Show

newworkfestivalslidervisualartIn conjunction with the Chicago New Work Festival,  Three Cat Production is thrilled is announce it’s first ever visual art show.   Throughout the run of the staged reading series,  we will be presenting a visual art from Chicagoland artists.    Art can be viewed at the Gala opening at 7:30pm on January 17 (tickets are $25).    Art can also be viewed from 2pm to 3pm each Saturday (art can also be viewed before and after each reading).     Artists include:  Alice Bucknell,  Terry Firkins,  Zelene Jiang, Roberta Miles, Pat O’Neal, Blair Rainey, James Richardson, and Hie Jin Yoo.

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About the Artists

Alice Bucknell

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
"We Sit Where Planes Go" (19" x 12")

“We Sit Where Planes Go” (19″ x 12″)

This photographic pair belongs to a larger series of black and white analog photography that explores the phenomenon of urban emptiness, decay, and the repurposing of public space, places and architectures. The project functions as a comparative visual essay by placing discreet images of such sites within Berlin and Detroit alongside one another to solicit an understanding of how these voids are used by the public today: an abandoned airport becomes one of the largest parks in Germany; an old movie palace is now a parking lot, a makeshift skatepark, and basketball court. In its side-by-side analysis of presently populated space and areas which can only suggest an alternative use, it hopes to demonstrate these voids as sites not emptied of activity but rather, sites where culture is reborn, redefined, and thriving.  

"Play" (20" x 14")

“Play” (20″ x 14″)

Alice Buckell is an artist and writer based in Chicago, IL. With academic backgrounds in both fine art and anthropology, practice is located at the intersection of art, aesthetics, and social space. Her research takes up the role of public and installation art and the production of art spaces (i.e. artist collectives) in the urban environment as a platform for both knowledge production and sharing. As a visual artist she is interested in the relationship between public memory and architecture; the phenomena of nostalgia, embodiment, and affect; in addition to the aesthetics of atmosphere, nightlife, club culture, and all other slippery things. She considers her art practice to be an additional form of fieldwork.


Terry Firkins

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
Memoirs of the Red Ballerina #8 Oil on Canvas 2008

Memoirs of the Red Ballerina #8
Oil on Canvas

These two untitled paintings are from a series of fifteen paintings which show how one might approach one’s past without illusion or evasion.  Entitled Memoirs of the Red Ballerina, the series was premiered in a solo show in 2011 at the Bill DeLind Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

 Firkins’ work hangs in collections and galleries in Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Milwaukee, Toronto, Montreal, and Sydney, Australia. Entirely self-taught, Firkins began his career as a representational artist, specializing in plein aire landscapes. Finding a representational framework increasingly limiting as a mode of self-expression, he has evolved into abstraction as a means of communicating a more personally relevant world view.  Despite devoting the majority of his time to work in the studio, Firkins still finds time to set up an easel on location and to return to his roots as a landscape painter. 


Zelene Jiang

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
Chase, Acrylic on Canvas, 20x16 inches

Chase, Acrylic on Canvas, 20×16 inches

I study and ponder the dynamics of our life; I dig and transfer my emotions and perceptions to paintings and other media in a purely abstract context.
My aesthetic belief is to achieve a sophisticated balance of movement and stillness, darkness and light, imagination and limitation. Furthermore, decades of practice in Chinese calligraphy and a special fondness for contemporary music have influenced my selective approach towards harmony, rhythm and overall conception.

 Zelene Jiang studied in a liberal arts high school and college, and then pursued a Master’s Degree of Education and a Master’s Degree of Business. Zelene’s rich work, life and academic experiences have shaped her unique artistic style, which mingles both Western and Eastern influences and elements. Zelene has held solo exhibition and multiple group exhibitions in Illinois and other states. 


Roberta Miles

Artist StatementAbout the Artist


The woman’s soul is seen through her eyes. The male preens. He is the peacock

showing off his tail feathers. But no one is looking. The woman’s domination is not

obvious. She effects change through her adornments or her lack thereof. The

preening male takes no notice of her affect; he is ruled by his arrogance.

Simple Lines

The male doesn’t even need to see a woman. Simple lines flowing on paper are often


Chicago artist, Roberta Miles, is a graduate of the American Academy of Art. She has been teaching children since 1995. Her teaching experience includes: The Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School, Chicago Public Schools 4th-8th grade After School Program (1995-1996), Project LEAP (Lakeview East Arts Partnership), Chicago Public Schools: Blaine, Audubon, Ravenswood, Chicago Illinois Artist Cadre, Northtown Art Center, Around the Coyote, Evanston Art Center(1998-present), The Art Center of Highland Park (1998-present), and Edgewood Chicago Public School (2010 – present).

Roberta Miles is also the founder of “Young At Art”, a program for bringing art to seniors. In addition to her arts activities, Ms. Miles is a jazz singer, has a degree in Opera Performance, received the Illinois Collegiate Entrepreneur Award in 1997, and is listed in Who’s Who of America in 2000, and Biltmore Who’s Who in 2007-2008.

Roberta Miles is represented by Verriere D’Ras. Her work is in numerous collections throughout the Midwest.


Pat O’Neal
Fine Artist and Papermaker

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
"Who Killed Cock Robin" 9 x 12" framed Linoleum print $45

“Who Killed Cock Robin”
9 x 12″ framed
Linoleum print

“Who Killed Cock Robin” was inspired by a nursery rhyme; it was mysterious, dark

 and inspiring to me.  Death is often a subtle influence in my work.
“Lonely Baby” was inspired by a photograph of a grandchild.  I took the subject from the personal to a more universal interpretation.  It can have many layers of meaning, especially as I have chosen to isolate the image from the background.  It has become a metaphor for sadness.
I am a fine artist and papermaker.  I use my own handmade paper as an integral part of my work.  Printmaking is well-suited to handmade paper and it has enhanced the expressive quality of my work in this medium.


Blair Rainey

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
"Ky Boe Boots" 16 x 20" framed C-print from Super8mm filmstrips

“Ky Boe Boots”
16 x 20″ framed
C-print from Super8mm filmstrips

My work deals with memory, the passage of time, and how that affects and distorts our memories.  Incorporating handmade paper making into my photographic processes illustrates in interest in the overlay of artistic disciplines.  My inspiration for art comes from the Surrealist poet, Robert Desnos:  “Can I defend my memory against oblivion?”

I have a degree in photography & a master’s degree in interdisciplinary art (both from Columbia College Chicago).  Originally from the Chicago area, I am currently residing in Chicago again after having spent many years living in NYC.

James Richardson

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
Stolen Childhood

Stolen Childhood

“Utopian Sea”
This painting represents the cosmic universal language of water.and it’s ceaseless flowing cycle upon our planet.Ihave great concern for its ability to sustain the “scientific”abandonment brought by man’s quest for controll of the natural world.How could we have manifested a global structure upon our planet which dose not support the life forms which dwell upon it?

“Stolen Childhood”
This painting is from a series dealing with the darkness associated with children raised by narcissistic parents.

James is new to the city.Originally from a small island near Seattle,he spent the 1980″s in NYC.,and migrated to L.A. in 1991.Heloves the illusionary aspects of lives creative flow.James enjoys working in array of mediums.large scale and small.


Hie Jin Yoo

Artist StatementAbout the Artist
image1. title: being alone 16"x14", 2014, Oil on canvas

title: being alone
16″x14″, 2014, Oil on canvas

My painting is an intimate journal. Since the moments have been so strongly etched on my consciousness, ordinary moments of life become an event and personal history as soon as I express my daily life as a painting. The memories are telling me something about what I remember in my life when I work and interact with them. I start to paint with reflections of the memories, bridging with the scenes that I remember. I reinterpret my memories and experiences with colors, reminding me of my feelings in that moment. The ambiance of a specific space in a specific time is the key to start my painting.

 My name is HIEJIN and I am a painter and student in Chicago, IL. Art is the one thing that has always intrigued me for as long as I can remember. I was born in Germany and raised in South Korea and I moved to Chicago in 2012. I am currently studying painting and drawing at School of the Art Institute of Chicago(SAIC). Painting is a huge passion of mine, and I plan to continue gaining knowledge and experience through practice and persistence.