2017-18 Season Generals

Three Cat Productions – Season Generals

Audition:  Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9 2017 from 6pm to 9pm (Callbacks will be Thursday, August 10)

Audition Location: Berger Park Cultural Center (6205 N Sheridan Rd.)

Three Cat Productions is seeking actors for specific roles in Blue Fish in a Tall Clear Vase by Fouad Teymour,  The Holiday Radio Hour by Dolores Diaz, Wendy Schmidt, Lisa Scott,  and Laura Scruggs, and Park Bench by Smith & Gimmestad.

Please prepare two contrasting monologues of no more than three minutes total (for actors who sing please also prepare 16 bars of a song of your choice.  Accompanist provided.  Please bring one copy of your headshot and resume.   For specific show breakdowns, please see below.

If you are interested in auditioning, please submit resume and headshot to Jason Paul Smith at jsmith@threecatproductions.com.


Blue Fish in a Tall Clear Vase by Fouad Teymour

October 27 to November 25, 2017

(rehearsals begin September 25)

About the Production:

While confined in a suffocatingly tight container, Blue Fish ponders about the state of the universe and his quest for freedom, and tries to concoct a plan for escape. Meanwhile, the artist who drew him must meet a deadline before the gallery opening. Can they work together to achieve their aims?   (This play is inspired by a painting by Maryam Gaber.)


Blue Fish: (male) A young blue fish trapped in a tall vase. Opinionated and idealistic. Blue Fish can be played by a young male of ethnically diverse background. (ie: Asian, African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern)

MARYAM: (female) Artist painter. She expresses her ideas through paintings and drawings. The character is Arab American.

ALT (female) MARYAM’S alter ego. A voice inside her head. Older, and wiser. Sometimes it tells her story, sometimes it converses with her, and sometimes it speaks for her. Inseparable from MARYAM. Formally dressed.  This character is non-white.  (ie: Asian, African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern)

ENSEMBLE A: Older Female. (Any race)

ENSEMBLE B: Older male. (Any race)

ENSEMBLE C: Younger Female. (Any race)

ENSEMBLE D: Younger male. (Any race)


The Holiday Radio Hour by Dolores Diaz, Wendy Schmidt, Lisa Scott,  and Laura Scruggs,

December 2 to December 20, 2017

(rehearsals begin October 30, 2017)

About the Production:

Three Cat Production is celebrating the holidays with an all new Holiday Event.  The Holiday Radio Hour takes us back to Christmas 1942.   Featuring “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry,  “The Little Match Girl”  by Hans Christian Anderson, “A Kidnapped Santa Claus” by L. Frank Baum, and “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Join us for drama, wacky humor, adorable actors, and some truly transcendent four-part harmony that will chase away your “I Can’t Believe It’s the Holidays Again” blues.


CLARENCE (Over 40) The narrator/announcer of the Radio show.  Clarence is a little worn out from life and from Christmas. (Bass/Baritone)

JIMMY (20-30)  Jimmy is a young crooner who was disqualified from service.  (Tenor)

BETTY (20 to 50)  Betty is a smart sassy woman with a great attitude.  (Mezzo/ Soprano)

MARY (20 to 50) Mary is the girl next door type.   Her boyfriend has just gone off to war.  (Mezzo/Soprano)

LINDA (20 to 50) Linda is everyone’s best friend.  (Alto)

IVY (Over 40) Ivy is the caretaker of the group.  She makes sure all the gals are following the rules of the club. (Alto)


Park Bench book Jason Paul Smith, music & lyrics by Gary Gimmestad

May 5 to June 9, 2018

(rehearsals begin March 26, 2018)

About the Production:

Once your over 50 in the gay community, you become invisible.  In “Park Bench”,  we meet Bruce and Jeff  a couple who has been together for 20 years.   They struggle with ideas of gay marriage, love, and reinventing your self for the next chapter in their lives.


Jeff (over 50)  an account (African American)

Bruce (over 40) a freelance illustrator

Bill (over 60) their feisty lesbian neighbor

Anastasia (over 50) Bruce’s best friend (queer)

Kristin (over 40) Jeff’s Best Friend (straight)

Ensemble Multiple roles available (all ages, genders, races)