About Christopher Donaldson

donaldson-lo-resChristopher Donaldson is excited to make his full show debut with Three Cat, having previously worked on a number of New Works readings. Past roles include The Professor, Ulysses (Plagiarists); Norris, Harry’s Halfway House (Rebekah Theatre Project); Geodonvsky, The Home of the Gentry (On the Spot); Detective Hill, Henry Moore is Melting (Cold Basement), and Nosferatzenburger, Scott Janus: Monster Hunter and Mr. Cooper, The Silent Night of the Living Dead (New Millennium). A Second City Conservatory grad, he’s studied with TUTA, Neo-Futurarium, and The Artistic Home, where he also understudied as Dorn in The Seagull and George in Le Parents Terribles. Also a playwright, he’s had work produced throughout Chicago, most recently the shorts “Dyna-Babe” at Otherworld’s Paragon Fest ’16 and “FullStop” as part of the Women’s Theatre Alliance New Play Development Workshop and (the possibly legally actionable) Kill Viktor I & II with his old pals, New Millennium Theatre Company. He loves Three Cat, this hysterical cast, and all the madeleines… #PonyFingers