About Gary Gimmestad

Gary Gimmestad, a native Minnesotan, has a long history in theater and music including several projects with Three Cat Productions. Gary arranged and composed the original music for Three Cat Productions “At Mister Kelly’s”.  Gary composed the original incidental music to “Joint Attention” by Pat Curtis and “Marvelous Madelines” by Wendy Schmidt.  Rob and Gary collaborated on Rob’s solo CD, I’m Wishing and on the dozens of arrangements they co-created for the vocal group Three Hits and a Miss. Gary has also performed and toured as pianist and music director for a number of shows including Ain’t Misbehavin’, 1940s Radio Hour, Little Shop of Horrors, Forever Plaid and many others. Gary recently launched his own business (Dal segno Music Services, LLC) which offers music preparation services as well as instruction in Finale music notation software. Gary is currently working with singer / songwriter Tom Lieberman (www.liebermania.com) on his children’s theater project featuring a ukulele puppet named Luke the Uke and his sidekicks Amanda Lynn and Duke. And Gary is eagerly looking forward to future collaborations with Three Cat!