About Jake Degler

Degler_Jacob_highrez-2786Jake Degler is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied Theatre. Originally from Delaware, he has relocated to Chicago to pursue acting. Highlights from his work at Northwestern include Thor in Purple Heart, Freak/Eric Harris in Columbinus, and A Dream Play. Past work with Three Cat Productions includes Of Moonjays and Motorcycles, 42nd Street, and The Perfect Solution. Jake’s other interests and experiences include writing, martial arts, circus arts and parkour at The Actors Gymnasium, and ecology.

He would like to thank his family for supporting him in pursuing his creative ambitions, believing in his ability to succeed, and helping him believe in himself. Thanks to his wonderful teachers and classmates at Northwestern, who challenged him to push himself and grow beyond what he thought he was capable of. Also he would like to thank Aubrey Rickle, without whose ongoing support and encouragement he would not be making the positive steps he is today. Thanks to Jason, Jess, Three Cat, and the wonderful cast & crew of At Mister Kelly’s for a great experience and an awesome show!