Opening Weekend – What a Thrill!

When I direct a show, one of my favorite moments is when the lights fade out on the audience and up on stage for the first scene to begin. This is when the show is officially out of my hands and into those of the actors, crew and audience!

But what about those behind the scenes moments that only the actors know about? Or those brilliant dance moves that are finally nailed? How about the laughs had by an audience on a joke the actor did not realize was funny?

Well, here’s your chance to share those would be forgotten memories – how did you feel when you got through the scene you were most excited to show your audience? How about when the school bell didn’t ring? Or for an audience member who got to see both shows – what did you notice from one to the next?

Leave your stories here in this nifty comment box below for all to read and enjoy!


Director – “Frog Princess”