Call for Artists: Man of the People

Three Cat Productions is seeking actors for the World Premiere production of Man of the People by Dolores Diaz.  We are looking for actors of color specifically for the roles of Dr. John Brinkley and Minnie Brinkley.    If you are interested in auditioning, please submit resume and headshot to Jason Paul Smith at  Auditions will be scheduled by appointment.     All actors will be paid a stipend.

Man of the People by Dolores Diaz

directed by Jason Paul Smith

October 17 to November 17, 2018

(rehearsals begin September 17, 2018)


About the Production:

Man of the People is inspired by the true story of Dr. John Brinkley, a huckster of the medical profession and radio pioneer who fakes his way to fame, notoriety, and politics until he is brought down by his own ambition. Made famous by a sham cure for male impotence, Dr. Brinkley catapults himself to stardom through his command of American radio, but Dr. Fishbein, of the newly founded American Medical Association, is determined to expose Brinkley. Despite Fishbein’s best efforts, Brinkley escapes justice at every turn until the truth catches up to him.



DR. JOHN R. BRINKLEY (30-45) “Doctor”

MINNIE BRINKLEY (30-45) Wife of Dr. Brinkley

DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN (30-45) Doctor, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

DR. MAXWELL (30-45) Doctor, Fishbein’s associate at JAMA

JIM STITSWORTH (30-50) Client of Dr. Brinkley

J.F. HASSIG (over 40) Head doctor of Kansas Medical Board

WILL MORRISS (30-50) Lawyer for the prosecution (Brinkley)

CLINTON BROWN (25-55) Lawyer for the defense (Fishbein)