Welcome to the Frog Princess Blog!

Welcome to the Three Cat Education “Frog Princess” blog!!

In “The Frog Princess” we meet Sally, a lonely girl whose only friends are the animals in biology class. But with the help of Princess, the biology class’s new Frog, Sally attempts to fit in with the kids at school. Could she be one of the cheerleaders or a jock? A gamer? Maybe part of the drama club? Or even one of the I.T.G.s (you know, the Incredibly Talented Goddesses)?

Here our cast and crew will be posting entries to document their journey as we stage, rehearse and perform our show. As you follow us on this blog we’ll get an opportunity to bring in a key element into rehearsals that isn’t normally introduced until opening…the audience!

Theatre is a conversation between the production and its audience. By joining us here, you get to interact with the show as it is being created, allowing our production to be a conversation with its audience from the very start of the rehearsal process – leave your comments, vote in our polls, get involved!

I am so psyched to work with this “Frog Princess” cast and crew – and I love that, through this blog, we will get to include our audience, too!


Jacque Lueken
Director – “The Frog Princess”

  • Holly

    Hi, it’s Holly, ya know, an Incredible Talented Goddess! Anyway we just want to let you know Sally, you haven’t won yet!!! We will avenge; Angie and I have already started plotting revenge on your and your funny little animal friends!

    TTYL, <3 you ITGs!

    • AngieNicole

      Yeah you better watch out ‘cuz the ITGs ALWAYS get their way.

      bunny hamster
      (\ (\ (\___/)
      ( -.-) (=0.0=)

      Watch out hamster and bunny, we’re gonna GET U!