Vote for our School’s Name!

Today, as promised, voting will begin for the School Name. Remember, voting is not restricted to cast members of “Frog Princess”. If you have a name that you absolutely MUST see as the school name, get your friends, family, strangers off the street, rallied to your cause and have them join in the voting! You’ve only got til this Friday night…

Choose your top two names, and your least favorite.

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Edit: Click here for additional votes!
Edit, Take Two: Voting is now closed. The school’s name is officially – Olympus Academy!

  • Marny Turvill

    Definitely should have a frog theme – Rana is my second choice!

    • Holly

      MOM!!! No, it MUST be Olympus Academy!!! What is Rana anyway? The play’s school name shouldn’t be something that’s already a school name!!!
      Plus, are you even allowed to vote fro this?

      <3 you ITGs!

      • Of course she’s allowed to vote, as are any friends or family you can get. Get them to help you swing the vote!

        But remember, you only have until Saturday morning…

      • AngieNicole

        Thx for voting for my school name evryone! I <3 u guys!

  • AngieNicole

    I nominate Lindsay Valentine 4 cheer capitan!!! Woo-HOO!

    spread the love <3

  • AngieNicole

    PS where do we nominate ppl and what can we nominate them for?