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2013/14 Season Donors

David Alex
Don Baiocchi
Katalin Berland
Larry Carpenter
Mary-Terese Cozzola
Pat Curtis
Gary Dorn
Diane Ericson
Suzanne Frances
Valerie Gorman
Tracy Haak
Elizabeth Haight
Bill Hunt
Robert Koon
David Kravitz
Erik Kringlie
Scott Lindgren
Craig McCarty
Deanna Moffitt
Karen Schneider
Kristin Scott
Lisa Scott
Nathan Scott
Stephen Scott
Joan Smith
Helen Valenta
Eric Weissenstein
Clyde Whitaker

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As the only national service organization to serve the needs of emerging, pre-emerging, and independent arts groups as well as individual artists, Fractured Atlas is a unique and vital resource. We value the role that the arts play in shaping our world, and we are always seeking new ways to facilitate their advancement.

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