Cabaret on the Lake


Join Three Cat Productions for Cabaret on the Lake.  Cabaret on the Lake is a free, monthly variety show giving singers, storytellers, comedians, performance artists, musicians, dancers, poets, and solo artists of every type a place to develop their work.

Held the 2nd Friday of the month at the Berger Park Cultural Center, experienced performers split the bill with artists learning their craft or trying new material for the first time. Hosted by Rob Dorn – singer, storyteller, national Broadway musical theater tour veteran, and Green Mill regular. Curator and Creative Producer Laura Scruggs.    

Chances are good Cabaret on the Lake will show you something or someone you’ve never seen before. And it’s a great way to get taste of Three Cat for free!

Want to see a history of past performers, visit our performance timeline here.

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December 8, 2017 at 7:30pm


Archy Arch, Corson Barnard, Captain Ambivalent with his accordion of gold , Ada Cheng, Wendy Parman w/Lauren Merrick Blazer accompanied by Ilya Levinson,  comedian Grace Thomas,  and Raymond Wohl

Archy Arch JCorson BarnardAda ChengCaptain Ambivalent with his Accordion of GoldWilliam David ShermanGrace ThomasYou and Your Words

About Archy Arch J

Archy Jamjun is a storyteller and writer from the suburbs of Chicago. He has won The Moth Grandslam and Chicago’s Biggest Liar. He enjoys telling stories all over the city. His writing has been published by The Coachella Review and The Rhumpus and he is currently an MFA candidate in creative writing at Roosevelt University. You can see more of his work at

About Corson Barnard

Corson Barnard is a young songwriter and musician who specializes in vocal coaching and performance. She has been writing music for twelve years and her songs have been featured in several concerts, plays, and revues since then. Corson has also composed musical adaptations of the classic novels The Great Gatsby and A Wrinkle In Time. She is active in the a cappella community as an arranger, performer, and music director. Most recently, Corson was the assistant music director on Fun Home at Victory Gardens Theater. You can catch her next at The Second City, music directing a holiday sketch show called “Sleigh Bells Ring, No One’s Listening.”

About Ada Cheng

Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller, improviser, and stand-up comic. She is a one-time Moth storyslam winner, a presenter at the National Storytelling Conference, and a runner-up at Chicago’s Bughouse Square Debates. She has been featured at storytelling shows in Chicago and Atlanta. She has also told stories at The Moth in Chicago, New York, Denver, and Detroit. Her book, Standing Up: From Renegade Professor to Middle-Aged Comic, published in December 2016 by Difference Press, aims at encouraging people, particularly mid-lifers, to embrace fear and uncertainty and to pursue their passion and dream. Her motto: Make your life the best story you tell. Check out her website for more information.

About Captain Ambivalent with his Accordion of Gold

Captain Ambivalent is a nerd-rock singer/songwriter/superhero, boldly battling market forces since 2005. His glacial rise from obscurity to international obscurity began at the Front Porch Music open mic in Valparaiso Indiana and has grown to include Doctor Demento, The Midnight Special, WXRT’s Local Anesthetic, South Bend Public Television, PierogiFest, GenCon, one-man shows in Fringe Festivals and alternative theaters (such as Three Cats Productions’ 2014 SOLO Festival), and even a brief cameo on America’s Got Talent.

About William David Sherman

oDavid is a singer, composer, actor, and writer.  He has studied improvisation at I.O. and Second City.  He spent 9 years touring the country with the world’s greatest mambo rock band.  He is currently performs with The Swing Shift Orchestra and his original glam-pop band, The Steak House Mints.  He has written a children’s book and for a variety of live productions.  He is currently writing a musical. His hobbies include waiting patiently and punctuation?

About Grace Thomas

Grace Thomas is a writer and comedian based in Chicago where she writes for ClickHole, The Onion’s satire of the internet and the culture it creates.
She started performing stand up in Minneapolis in 2013.
In 2015 she was named Funniest Person in the Twin Cities and started touring around the country, including festivals in Orlando, Omaha, Minneapolis and Denver.
Grace is the founding publisher of Phony Magazine, the University of Minnesota’s only comedy zine that’s worth a read.

About You and Your Words

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February 9, 2018 at 7:30pm

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March 9, 2018  at 7:30pm

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April 13, 2018 at 7:30pm

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May 11, 2018 at 7:30pm

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June 8, 2018 at 7:30pm

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December 14, 2018 at 7:30pm

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