Cabaret on the Lake


Join Three Cat Productions for Cabaret on the Lake.  Cabaret on the Lake is a free, monthly variety show giving singers, storytellers, comedians, performance artists, musicians, dancers, poets, and solo artists of every type a place to develop their work.

Held the 2nd Friday of the month at the Berger Park Cultural Center, experienced performers split the bill with artists learning their craft or trying new material for the first time. Hosted by Rob Dorn – singer, storyteller, national Broadway musical theater tour veteran, and Green Mill regular.  Curator and Creative Producer Laura Scruggs.    

Chances are good Cabaret on the Lake will show you something or someone you’ve never seen before. And it’s a great way to get taste of Three Cat for free!

Cabaret on the Lake is sponsored by the “Are You Famous, Yet?” podcast!

Want to see a history of past performers, visit our performance timeline here.

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May 11, 2018 at 7:30pm

Courtesan and the Cabinboy, Amy Crider, Roberta Miles, Susan Chase Pracht, Ramblin’ Rose & Hubby Kenny C., and Maggie Wagner


Courtesan and the CabinboyAmy CriderRoberta MilesSusan Chase PrachtRamblin’ Rose & Hubby Kenny C. Maggie Wagner
About Courtesan and the Cabinboy

The Courtesan and The Cabin Boy are a musical comedy folk duo exploring fun through music, capable of playing almost any era and almost any style. You name it, we’ll try it! Renaissance, Steampunk, Modern, Post-Apocalyptic, Utopian Futuristic, and more.
But where did this esoteric duo begin? How did two voices of such divergent paths come togethet in harmony?Suzanne and Ordo met at the 2015 Stronghold Olde English Faire in Oregon, IL while their respective performing groups just happened to be singing there. It wasn’t until 6 months later when they met again at C2E2 2016 in Chicago that their collaborations began, and 3 months later they began performing together officially as The Courtesan and The Cabin Boy.
Together, they have performed at The New American Folk Theater’s Lilith Fair Cabaret, A Gathering of Rogues & Ruffians – a Renaissance Faire, Windycon 43 – King of the Nerds, Capricon 37 – and the Children Shall Lead, Magical Realm Fantasy Faire (formerly the Mystic Realm), Marseilles Renaissance Faire, YippieFest 2017, Stronghold Olde English Faire, and now, the Cabaret on the Lake at Berger Park.
They are also in the process of completing their second album, a collection of Holiday parody music entitled Krampus: Get in My Sack!, featuring favorite Holiday songs, reimagined in the theme of Krampus.

About Amy Crider

Amy Crider is a Chicago playwright who has only sung in front of an audience a handful of times, and only once in the past 25 years.  But she loves to sing.  She sings Scottish folk songs a capella and hopes one day to be able to play the guitar.

About Roberta Miles

ROBERTA MILES is a jazz singer, writer and visual artist. Her award-winning autobiographical monologues touch on growing up in Chicago in the 70’s and her life’s indiscretions and romantic regrets.

Roberta chronicles her quest for mental and physical health with brutally hilarious candor. She has crafted her monologues into the one-woman show, “I Want a Banana, and Other Desperate Love Stories.” Roberta performs her work at live lit and storytelling events including God, Sex & Death, This Much is True, The Make Ready at the Dandelion Theatre, Stoop Stories, Seven Deadly Sins, Serving the Sentence, TenX9, and Sappho’s Salon. She is a staple performer with Beast Women and Three Cat Productions, and is a co-host at the Flabby Hoffman’s Radio Extravagonzo.

She is the producer of the long-running shows Cafe Cabaret and Loose Chicks, and has written and performed with Steppenwolf’s Project Compass.

About Susan Chase Pracht

Susan Pracht is hopelessly in love with words and people’s stories. She spends all her free money on books at Women and Children First and the occasional international travel. She is passionate about hearing your deepest, darkest secret and your highest, bravest dream. She has been an unrepentant cat lady since she was 14.

About Ramblin’ Rose & Hubby Kenny C. 

Ramblin’ Rose is a Blues Singer, Composer, Musician, Goodman Theater GeNarrations Storyteller, Line-dancer & Fashion Designer. Her band, Ramblin’ Rose & The 290 East Ramblers, just finished an 8 concert series with Chicago Park District (Night Out In The Parks). She has performed as one of the “Chicago Women In The Blues” for many years, as well as the 2010 Blues Festival in Grant Park.

Rose will also be performing at 3 Chicago Park District Concerts: Shedd Park, July 3rd; Welles Park, July 10th; Brown Memorial Park, August 18th and Willie Dixon Blues Heaven, August 2nd.

About Maggie Wagner

Maggie Wagner is thrilled to be a part of the Three Cat Cabaret Series! She’s  a Chicago playwright, storyteller, musical book writer/lyricist and performer and professional dork. You can catch her spinning yarns for Loose Chicks, Bad Grammar, The Nerdologues, and even Hot Buns & Beefcakes: Linda Belcher’s Love Connection and wherever quality theatrics are sold.


June 8, 2018 at 7:30pm

Performers TBA


July 13, 2018 at 7:30pm

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August 10, 2018 at 7:30pm

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September 14, 2018 at 7:30pm

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October 12, 2018 at 7:30pm

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November 9, 2018 at 7:30pm

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December 14, 2018 at 7:30pm

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