About Owen Kalt

Owen Kalt’s song “Thank You, Merci” written with Elizabeth Doyle is currently being featured in the musical revue “Chicago Is!: A Hometown Musical“.

owenkaltOwen Kalt (Lyricist “Thank You/Merci”) wrote the lyrics for the musical play “Sleepy Hollow” which was a record-breaking hit for Theatre-Hikes.  That show was co-authored by Elizabeth Doyle and Judy Freed.  In addition, Owen wrote the lyrics for the musical play “Belle Barth: If I Embarrass You, Tell Your Friends” which was produced in Chicago, and for the musical play “American Klezmer” which was produced in Los Angeles. Those shows were co-authored by Joanne Koch and Ilya Levinson.  Last year, Owen had fun telling his long-form story “Danny’s Friend” at Three Cat Productions’ 2014 SOLO Chicago Festival.