About Pat Curtis

 About Joint Attention

When a young couple’s son is diagnosed with autism, they grapple to face the extraordinary challenges that follow.  Wrestling with conflicting medical opinions and an abundance of inconsistent information, their relationship becomes strained, and they discover that life’s normal issues won’t wait while they struggle to understand their son’s condition.

Joint Attention explores the pitfalls of a still unfamiliar and misunderstood condition, and the dedication and determination required to address it.

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Pat Curtis, Playwright

Pat is a Network Playwright at Chicago Dramatists. The inspiration for Joint Attention came from her work as a school psychologist in Oak Park, where she encountered many families dealing with the devastating effects of autism, and was often touched by the heroism and determination with which they sought treatment for their children. Pat’s ten minute comedy, Sibling Ribaldry, was produced by Second City as part of their “Best of the Tens” showcase in November, 2012. In addition to playwriting, Pat is an avid theater-goer, who cherishes the joyous little epiphanies that live theater inspires in its audience.